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"The Dot Connectors" by OMNIA Global provides insight into some of the most creative founders and entrepreneurs and their journey in navigating the conservative world of funding, investment vehicles and going public. We will also be talking to subject matter experts about financial engineering and how to connect the dots between the financial world and business development. Our guests will comprise founders and entrepreneurs located around the world and from an array of sectors, as well as eminent experts from the financial services industry. CEO of OMNIA Global, Daniel Hansen is featured.

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Tuesday Nov 02, 2021

In our fourth episode of The Dot Connectors, we had the pleasure of interviewing not one, but two entrepreneurs; Jackie Skye Muller and Marlon Muller of Recreational Habits, who are bringing the exclusive world of the preppy elite and their hobbies to the historically excluded. Jackie and Marlon believe that all people - regardless of colour, should be able to experience the joys of recreational...

Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

In our third episode of The Dot Connectors, we had a fun time interviewing Taylor Ablitt, the CEO of Diply, the world’s second largest entertainment website, about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. He quashes many assumptions made about successful entrepreneurs and has amassed a huge amount of wisdom and insight, which he talks about at length during this episode.
We also talk about his experiences of securing funding; how entrepreneurs can ‘growth-hack’ their way to success; and finally, Taylor’s 3 predictions for the social media and content world over the next year.

Tuesday Sep 21, 2021

In our second episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Wolfgang Krohn, CEO of Ventum Dynamics (VD), about his rather interesting background leading up to him joining VD, which has developed its very own wind turbine – a game-changing turbine system that can be installed on residential and commercial building rooftops, regardless of their location. We talk about the business in more detail; how the business will achieve its goal of ‘clean energy for everyone’, and we are then joined by our CEO, Daniel Hansen, who talks about the energy sector from an investor/funding perspective and what is hot right now.
Ventum Dynamics wants to become the world-leading technology provider in the field of renewable wind sufficiency conversion by 2025, so be sure not to miss this episode!

Wednesday Sep 01, 2021

The Dot Connectors brought to you by OMNIA Global
In our very first episode with our Founder and CEO, Daniel Hansen, we talk about his journey leading up to the formation of OMNIA Global and what makes OMNIA unique in the marketplace. Daniel also provides a huge amount of insight and advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business – from securing funding to the importance of looking after your mental health and lots more.

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